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Powertrain technologies

Graphic Design

Art Direction & Graphic Design for all digital and printed materials about the installation Consider yourself as a guest (Cornucopia) by artist Christian Holstad.

FTP leading manufacturer of industrial engines presents this installation and invite to reflect at the importance of protecting the world's seas and oceans. 

Schermata 2021-11-21 alle 14.55.09.png

The installation becomes an opportunity to think about the environmental urgency that we are experiencing and for which we are all, perhaps sometimes unconsciously, responsible.


The Cornucopia sculpture was presented among the waters of

the Grand Canal in Venice during Summer 2019

Schermata 2022-01-20 alle 17.32.10.png
Schermata 2022-01-20 alle 17.32.20.png
Schermata 2022-01-20 alle 17.33.07.png
TP NEW LOGO copia.jpg
Schermata 2022-01-20 alle 17.38.31.png
Schermata 2022-01-20 alle 17.33.07.png
Schermata 2022-01-20 alle 17.37.47.png

The collaboration with FTP was born through the networks of TOILETPAPER MAGAZINE.

Check the series of products I've created that combine the aesthetics of the two brands and consolidate the collaboration.

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