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Art Direction & Graphic Design

Gufram is an Italian seat and furniture manufacturer based in Barolo known for the influence it had in the field of industrial design and for helping to revolutionize the look of furniture from the 1960s.

Graphic design, web design and many other projects made for this brand can be found in extensive projects such as DISCO GUFRAM.

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"From discos to museums,
Gufram goes back to its roots with the radical 70s style that made it an icon
not only of design but popular culture in general"

A surreal disco in the heart of Milan:

Gufram brought it to the Mediateca Santa Teresa for Milan Design Week 2018.

The flyer I made was a vinyl!

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Gufram's sculptural art objects show the many influences of pop art, conceptual art, illusionism naturalism and modern design. The same key elements as TOILETPAPER  


Maurizio Cattelan’, Pierpaolo Ferrari and their editorial project TOILETPAPER along with Gufram

created the Big Cactus and It was a big mistake:

a new god was born. The Cactus with eggs is now GOD!


The collaboration with Gufram was born through the networks of TOILETPAPER MAGAZINE.

Check the series of products we created together that combine the aesthetics of the two brands and consolidate the collaboration.

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