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Restaurant, Ghetto - Venezia

Brand Identity, Art Direction & Graphic Design

Art Direction and making of all the graphic materials that create the Brand identity of this Venetian Restaurant

Upupa Restaurant is located in a unique place, the Ghetto of Venice. This is where the idea of offering a cuisine that can accompany your days come form, making you fall in love with amazing city of Venice.

Schermata 2022-01-24 alle 17.06.00.png

The creation of the new menu graphic aesthetic is inspired by the restaurant itself,

which is simple, rustic, and connected to the city roots.

Myriam El Assil3.png

The business cards resumes the graphics created for the brand identity. The final product is in line with a youthful aesthetic that always evokes the ancient origins of Venice.

If you are visiting Venice or you are planning to do,

so you should take a look at this amazing restaurant and

 give me your opinion about the graphics I designed for their Menù!

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